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Learn A Quick-Start Guide To Getting Business Credit The Fast and Easy Way

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In This 7-Day Sprint, I Will Teach You Exactly How To Get Business Credit Without Using Your SSN.

Without complicated and outdated business credit methods that simply don't work!


April. 24th- May. 1, 2023




Private Flyy Credit University Platform


Or Your Money Back!

What You'll Gain By Joining My 7-Day Business Credit Sprint

Better Financing Terms

Improving their cash flow by reducing the amount of money they have to pay in interest and fees.
Enabling businesses to reinvest more money back into their operations or save for future projects.
Having access to more flexible repayment options.

Lower Interest Rates

Secure lower monthly payments, which can free up cash flow.
Enables you to invest more in growth opportunities.
Reduces the amount of the monthly payments -- resulting in tremendous savings.
Helps you with uneven cash flow or seasonal sales patterns.

Waived Fees

Saving you money on upfront costs, which can make it easier for you to manage your finances.
Makes it easier for you to access the capital you need to invest in growth opportunities or manage unexpected expenses.
Helps you stay competitive by allowing you to reduce costs and offer more competitive prices to customers.


I'm Jeri

I am THE go-to expert dominating the credit scene teaching people how to get the credit they deserve. In the last 7 years, I have:

Worked with some of the largest company's and non-profits. 
Created a credit platform with over 11,000 students, helping them learn about personal and business credit.
Spoken at dozens of financial empowerment events. 

Helped students collectively get approved for over $50 MILLION.

You Will Learn:

How to calculate your business funding needs and set targeted growth goals.... this ensures you're not UNDERfunded and able to sustainably grow your business.
How to drastically improve approvals on every business credit application for your business.
Setting a bulletproof funding foundation... warning -skipping this step will result in endless denials on business credit applications. 
The exact formula for getting approved for business credit accounts. This will help you build business credit scores faster with less stress
How to get free trips, thousands of dollars in cash-back, and unbelievable perks straight from your credit card company.
PLUS -- a list of 100+ vendors, retailers, and lenders at your fingertips.
and so much more!

Plus, 5 Bonuses When You Join Today

For a limited time only, you get all these bonuses when you get your spot today

Bonus #1

6-months access to The Huddle Pro

Get 6 months access to our private group call where we discuss business credit strategies, updates, and accomplishments. Learn how to do it the right way, the first time, and the right community.

Bonus #2

Masterclass: Mastering The Art of Bank Financing

Discover how to make banks compete to loan you money -- even if you have tried and been denied before! Learn the creative process behind acquiring financing for your business.

Bonus #3

The Banker's Pitch

Get an exact script to find and approach bankers you want to work and acquire financing with. Learn how to do get the right appointment, with the right person, the right way.

Bonus #4

Masterclass: 4 Steps to Automate Your Business Finances

Managing your business finances just got easier. Discover my proprietary, automated business finance machine that saves, invests, and rewards you on autopilot.

Bonus #5

Private Text Support

Get access to a private line to text any of your questions and get instant feedback. We'll dive into your business credit questions so you can walk away with clarity and a plan for success.

Fast-Action Challenge

Day of Enrollment

Get a special BONUS challenge the day you enroll! Don't wait until the sprint starts! Get into action the moment you signup and unlock a special achievement award. 

Who Is This Sprint For?

Small business owners who are wanting to learn how to build business credit, and get approved at the best rates.
​Existing business owners looking to grow and scale their existing business/businesses, but unable to get approved for business credit cards and loans because of damaged personal credit.
Anyone wanting to know the tried and true way to getting approved for business credit the right way, the first time.

 Here's How To Qualify.... 

​You must complete a brief phone interview with an FCU advisor to secure your spot.
You must be a team player.
You must be coachable and willing to follow our methods.
You must be ready to take action to get results.

Best Value



Here's how to qualify:

Must complete a phone interview.

Here's what's included:

7-Days of Advanced Business Credit Training
Access to the private FCU community group
Private text line with Jeri
Network with other FCU students
Certificate of Completion
BONUS: 6-months access to The Huddle Pro group coaching.
BONUS Masterclass: 4 Steps to Automate Your Business Finances
BONUS Masterclass: Mastering The Art of Bank Financing
BONUS Tool: The Banker's Pitch Script
Fast-Action Challenge: Unlock a bonus challenge the moment you enroll

(HURRY! Only 8 new spots!!)

"It takes money to make money... But, nobody said it had to be yours. 🤑"

Jeri Toliver

CEO, Flyy Credit Solutions

Frequently asked questions

What is the 7-Day Business Credit Sprint?

The 7-DayBusiness Credit Sprint is an intensive training designed to help you reach your first business credit milestone in 7 days or less. No matter where you are in the process, the sprint will deliver clarity and guidance to get business credit faster with less stress.

How do I qualify to participate in the 7 Day Business Credit Sprint?

To qualify for the 7- Day Sprint, every candidate must meet the following qualifications:

1. Must be a member of the Business Credit Accelerator course.

2. Must be dependable and a team player.

3. Must be coachable and willing to follow directions.

4. Must be ready to take action to get results.

What if I'm not a Business Credit Accelerator Member?

You can purchase the membership at anytime on our website -- Business Credit Accelerator course. Once you purchase, we will prioritize you to be added to the 7 Day Business Credit Sprint.

What's included in the sprint?

  • 7 days of zoom trainings -- these are customized to everyone that registers, which means no sprint is ever the same.
  • Access to our private FCU group and community. 
  • Private text support -- you can ask any questions you have to help you hit your first business credit milestone in 7 days or less.
  • BONUS 6 Months of Huddle Pro: Get 6 months of private group support, advanced training, updates, and accountability (this is our members favorite part )....($1,999 Value)
  • Access to our growing list of over 100 business vendors, retailers, gas cards, high-limit business credit cards and lenders. No guesswork, just plug-n-play your way to approvals.

Why do I have to complete an interview?

Because the demand of our sprints are so high, and we only have 10 spots, we MUST qualify every participant to ensure it's a good fit. 

I haven't made any money in business yet. Can I still get business credit?

Yes. There are several options for startups in the program for you to explore.

I'm new in business (less than 2 years). Can I do this too?

Yes. You don't need to be in business more than 2 years to build business credit.

I have bad personal credit. Will this program work for me?

Yes. You don't need good personal credit to build business credit. We also supply account you can get with bad personal credit.

Do you guarantee I can get results in 7 days?

I guarantee that if you show up to the sprint, follow the instruction, and take action, you will get results.

When does the sprint start?

The sprint starts April 24th.

How many spots are open?

Only 8 spots for new members.

What if I'm unable to join? Will you host another sprint?

If you're unable to join, you'll be placed on the waitlist and added to the next one we host.

Will I have to wait for the next sprint to access my course materials?

No. Your course materials will be open immediately after you enroll. The 7-day sprint is a free event we host to guide our members to approvals faster with added support.

Why are you doing this?

Because I think it's time you take charge of your company's future and discover how to multiply your profits using other people's money. And I'm are confident that this powerful system will help you get the capital you need to do just that.

I want to join, but I have some questions. 

We would be happy to help you. Feel free to email us at contact@flyycredit.com, call us at 888-708-9171, or schedule a call with an FCU advisor.

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