Discover The Secret to Getting Business Credit- Even if The Bank Won't Lend You $1 Today
Here is everything you need to know to build perfect business credit scores and put your business growth on steroids.
Let's face it. Your business needs $$$ to grow...

"It takes money to make money!"

That's the truth, isn't it?

Ask any over-worked, stressed-out entrepreneur today what keeps them up at night, worried sick, and they'll tell you it's not having enough capital.

Because let's face it...  There's really only two ways to grow a business:

The Hard, Slow Way:

By exhausting your personal savings, draining your retirement accounts and maxing-out your personal credit... then... waiting nervously for profits to roll in before you can invest in more advertising, better equipment and skilled help to produce the breakthrough you REALLY need to take your business to the next level.

It's no wonder over 90% of small businesses fail within their first 5 years...!

They're always waiting and hoping for a breakthrough!  When it doesn't come, many entrepreneurs are left devastated - with their savings gone and their personal credit trashed!

The Fast, Easy Way:

Use other people's money to push advertising to the outer-limits and finish projects and launch products fast so you can out-earn and beat the pants off your competition... while they're trying to build businesses the hard way - waiting for customers to pay up before they have to close up.

Imagine if, instead, you could tap into the capital you need to grow your business, first... and...

Use your sales profits to repay what you borrow, later... PLUS pay zero interest on top of that!

Let me ask you a question...

What could you do with an extra $100,000 in business credit?

    A lot, right?

You could...
Pay yourself a livable salary while you grow your business
Multiply your profits by leveraging other people's money to build your business
Free up your time and hire others to do work you hate doing - or don't have time for
Insure your business against avoidable failure by having a credit safety net for emergencies

Invest in rock-bottom real estate and other under-valued assets while they're dirt-cheap

 That's why I've created Business Credit Secrets Exposed: A Guide to Securing Business Credit and Funding

 It cuts through all the nonsense and gives you a step-by-step blueprint for getting and growing your company's credit.  

  Information you can put to use and see results today!

    If you're like most small business owners, you're interested in getting business loans, credit cards and working capital the fastest, easiest way.  But let's face it...  You're busy working on and in your business... 

Today, the game has changed.  Yes, there's a $300 billion vault filled with "unclaimed" small business credit that's yours to grab.  

But, you gotta' know the combination to crack open the safe. THAT is what you'll get in this complete guide to building business credit.

Here Are A Few Of The Secrets That You'll Be Given...

The 4 hidden benefits of building business credit... this is the beginning of you getting business loans and credit cards without personal guarantees!  -pg. 3


The #1 top business credit building mistake that entrepreneurs make... this guarantees they'll NEVER be able to build business credit scores that get them approved. -pg. 12


3-step methodology for establishing strong business credit without using your personal credit scores.... this was a game-changer for me and countless business owners we train... -pg. 8


The #1 method to monitor your personal and business credit learn how leveraging it can triple your funding potential and grow your business exponentially. -pg. 21


Have confidence when establishing your business credit by learning exactly what to do.... Just follow the 4 pillars of business credit and do not skip step 1 (it yields the most results)  - pg. 13


My 'secret' tip for securing your first business loan- even if you're a brand new start-up..... Imagine landing your first business loan without good credit or making a dime in business- pg. 23


A sneaky (but 100% legal) 4-step technique that practically forces your business credit scores to soar.... This method's so effective, it's a shame more people don't know about it! -pg. 29


5 personal credit hacks to raise your scores and maximize your funding eligibility... These tips raised my scores from a 545 to 765 in 8 months. -pg. 34

And that's NOT even close to everything that is packed in this 38 page guide!
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Here's a little bit about who I am...
My name is Jeri Toliver & while I may be cute and sweet... I'm all about business.

Here's what you should know...

I created this guide with your goals in mind. That's right- you!

Listen, I took my credit score from 545 to 850 and secured over $300k for my business personally. and no I’m not a unicorn.... I’m simply someone who really has this business credit thing on lock. I know which steps can increase your scores and get you the money you need to grow your dreams fast!

    THIS is the first step
    to find out everything you need to know
    to profit from my mistakes and follow my business credit blueprint

    I'll Be Honest.. This E-Book Isn't For Everybody...

    It's for serious, committed business owners who value their time... and... Who'd rather save time and money building business credit than waste precious hours and thousands of dollars "trying to" get business credit without a tested plan.

         If you'd rather complain and you're unwilling to follow a simple plan and put at least a couple hours a month into this, then this isn't for you.

         On the other hand, if you want to laugh at credit woes while everyone else worries and complains about "the economy," then this is the exact thing you need.

    Go ahead and get it now...

      It's simple, easy, and downright necessary for your business success. Just click on the button below to get started.

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