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Hey! I'm Jeri!

I'm an expert in everything credit, and can show you how to repair your credit, build excellent credit scores, and practically force lenders to give you approvals on credit and loan applications.

With my help, you can turn your credit into your secret weapon for saving money, eliminating your debt, increasing your income, and living the dream.

What you'll learn in this series

How To Build Credit (and never have to worry about it again)...


Learn how to build a financial asset that saves you money, lowers your rates, builds your confidence, and grows your wealth.

How to Create an Automated Money Machine


Create a money machine that helps you save without worry, invest in your retirement, and have more fun autopilot…

How To Get Out of Debt Fast... Even If You're Dead Broke.


Discover a proven plan that helped our students pay off $184,714.37 of debt in 10 months -- all without having to make more money.

A Beginners Guide To Income Producing Assets 


Learn 7 great ways to supplement your income through investments -- without risking your life savings and emptying out your 401K.

[REVEALED] Cracking the Business Credit Code


Learn how to start, grow, and leverage business credit to put your business growth on steroids.  Get the credit your business needs to grow!

Big Travel, Small Budget


How to Travel More, Spend Less, and See the World…The beginners guide to traveling the world for free leveraging your credit.

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In this series, I'll show you my exact 'battle-tested' formula for reaching financial success

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Frequently asked questions

Why did you create this challenge?

To help more people learn how to recession-proof their finances.

When will I get access to the challenge?

The Challenge will open up on July 18.

Will I have access to the replays?

For a lifetime.

What kind of technical skills do I need to be able to do this?

None. Just an ability to login to your membership on your desktop -- or our mobile app -- and study the material.

Why such a low price?

This is for 2 reasons:

1. Because that way you can make back your investment by applying just one strategy from the course alone (and then multiply it many times over with the rest).

2. Because I hope by giving you extraordinary value, you'll feel compelled to take action, and start having results.

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