Over these last few weeks, there’s been a lot of uncertainty in the streets. Unemployment is growing, quarantine is getting longer, and stress levels are higher than ever.

This is why I want to stop by and share some resources to help you thrive during a troubled economy.

The most interesting people I know all share a skill — they love to learn new things and share them with the people around them.

You don’t need a Ph.D. or 10,000 hours to learn something new — you can do it in just a couple hours.

If you deeply absorb this, it can change your life.

This week, today, right now — you can learn something new, fun, and exciting.

To prove it, here is a list of things you can learn in just a few hours, or minutes, with resources. I will continue to add more on our blog as the days go on, but this is a start.

There’s something here for everyone. Pick one and give it a try:


How to Build a Money Plan You Feel Good About (aka a Budget)
How to Pay off Debt the Smart Way
8 Steps to Becoming Debt Free
5 Ways to Make Money with Credit Cards
Three Ways to Boost Your Credit Score Instantly
Earn $1K in the Next 30 Days


10 Resume Writing Tips to Help You Land a Job
The 10 worst resume mistakes to avoid
16 Job Interview Tips and Hacks That Are Genius!
Is Honesty The Best Policy When It Comes To Landing A Job?
Need A Job? You GOTTA Watch This!

Emotional Support

How Gratitude Can Impact Your Finances
Finding Hope in Tragedy
Pivot or Fight the Wind of Change?
5 Tips for Coping with ‘Cabin Fever’ During a Shelter-in-Place

I value you being a part of our Flyy Credit family so much more than someone creating a “bucket list” of how they want to become a millionaire credit expert someday.


I hope this helps, and I’ll be back with more soon.


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