Discover A Quickstart Guide to Top Credit Repair and Rebuilding Hacks 
Here is everything you need to know to jumpstart your journey to reaching perfect credit scores.
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I have a question for you...

Have you been wanting desperately to build 700+ credit scores, but unsure where to start?


Have you tried one of those "credit repair" things before, only for it to be a big fail?


Are you tired of the up and down rollercoaster your credit scores are on, and you're ready to know how to make it stop?


Do you want to have the confidence to walk in the bank, clapping your hands, "it's my money and need it now!"

If you answered, "Yes!" to any one of these questions, I've got the answer for you...
The Flawless Credit Guide is Your  Roadmap To Building 720+ Credit Scores and Living The Dream

Did you know...

There are over 257 MILLION people in the United States who aren’t able to get a car, a home, or send their kids to college because of their damaged credit scores...

I get it.

Back in 2014, I was one of those people. My credit was in the trash, and I was "stuck" in life because of my poor scores.

High interest rates, consistent denied applications, lack of financial confidence.Truthfully, I couldn't get approved for anything!

And then... something changed.

I quit...

I quit hoping and wishing for better credit and started putting in the work to make it better.

I quit blaming banks, lenders and everybody else for my credit missteps and started assessing my relationship with credit.

I quit settling for “average” and “good” scores and stepped into “excellence.”

And those are all the things you’ll quit too … once you claim access to The Flawless Credit Guide!

Here Are A Few Of The Secrets That You'll Be Given...

One thing credit bureaus DO NOT want you to know that will increase your chances of cleaning up your credit and getting a loan at a good rate- pgs. 8-13


Discover the bankers "scoring scale" to easily and predictably determine how to get the best rates - pg. 14


How to look at a credit scores like a professional. How to break one into five sections (and here's what to look for- pg. 15


Save yourself hours and headaches by getting my dispute letter templates to use and better your chance of winning the dispute - pg. 20


Have confidence when improving your credit by learning exactly what to do. Just follow the 5 bulletproof ways to hack your credit and do not skip step 4 (it yields the most results)  - pg. 25


My 'secret' tip for crafting winning disputes and getting positive results- pg. 23


Why not doing these five things will actually yield better results... PLUS: I'll share with you the most powerful 'secret' behind winning disputes strictly based on the method you use to send the dispute letter! - pg. 26

And That's NOT even close to everything that is covered in this 28 page guide!
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Here's a little bit about who I am...
My name is Jeri Toliver & while I may be cute and sweet... I'm all about business.

Here's what you should know...

I created this guide with your goals in mind. That's right- you!

Listen, I took my credit score from 545 to 850 and no I’m not a unicorn. I’m simply someone who really has this credit thing on lock. I know which steps can increase your score rapidly (and which ones will have it tanking).

    Sooo, if you want to:

    • Get approved for the best credit card and loan offers without the devastation of receiving denial letters.
    • Get the best interest rates on everything, every time – I’m talking car loans, mortgage loans, personal loans, credit cards and more.
    • Stroll on into credit score nirvana without falling into score sinkholes along the way.
    • Uncover the insider secrets and loopholes to getting approved for your first major credit cards – no fees, no red tape and no crazy-high interest rates.
    THIS is the first step
    to find out everything you need to know
    to achieve the financial freedom
    that comes along with an excellent credit score.
    What more do we need to say?
    The proof is in the pudding.
    Sign up now and get started.

    You can choose to continue settling for high interest rates, credit card, loan and even mortgage or rental lease denials OR you can choose to get the financial freedom you say you want. Make the right choice now.

    Let’s talk about the value of this guide, the investment and what our better credit will be worth to you...

    How much is a 720+ credit score worth to you and your family?

    What is it worth to master your credit so you can finally have a place you can call home?

    What is it worth to have the confidence to apply for anything you want, and get approved on the spot?

    What is it worth to travel the world using someone else's money, and enjoy more time doing that you love- instead of stressing about your credit?

    YOU can choose to take action, so you can learn every bit of information, secure every single resource, and claim your spot in the 720+ club today...

    Or, you can keep running around in circles, pulling your hair out with confusion, trying to find the strategies that work- only to discover fluffy ineffective junk.

    And I’m going to be straight up with you… this is NOT some cheap wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am guide where I stuff a bunch of crap information, and you walk away feeling more confused than ever.

    It’s a well-designed, carefully curated guide that hands you proven methods you need to achieve perfect credit.

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