Live Webinar: How To Make Banks Compete
To Loan You Money

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10:00 AM


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Jeri t.

`Tuesday, April 18 2023

About 1 Hour

About this event

How To Make Banks Compete to Loan You Money

When it comes to securing a business loan, you really want to put your best foot forward for the lenders. By using a proven strategy to create competition between banks, you can get the lowest rates and best deals.

What we'll cover:

3 planning stages for successful bank financing.
How to make banks compete to loan you money -- even if you have tried and been denied before!
How to get lower rates, better terms, less restrictive loan covenants, and waived fees.
How to make it easier for you to access the capital you need to invest in growth opportunities or manage unexpected expenses.

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Webinar host

jeri toliver

Hey, I'm Jeri! I teach you how to get the credit that you deserve!

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