No Chexsystems banks do not use Chexsystems to open accounts but they may run a credit report, use EWS or Telecheck. A No Chexsystems bank may also have a Second Chance Account allowing consumers with Chexsystems records to open accounts.

No ChexSystems Banks in 2015

TD Ameritrade Online Cash Services
TD Ameritrade is a brokerage firm. They offer a checking account that comes with checks, a Visa® debit card and free checking. TD Ameritrade does not use ChexSystems or EWS. You must open a brokerage account first and during the opening process, you will be asked if you are interested in having checks and a debit card. Once the brokerage account is open go to My Account > Online Cash Services > Checks/Debit Card and then click the “Sign up Now” Button. There will be a 1-page “Checks/Debit Card Application” that you’ll need to sign and fax or mail to TD Ameritrade. They must have your signature on-file. You can set up online bill pay and direct deposit. No minimum deposit required to open. Open a new account today.

Discover Online Savings Account
Discover Online Savings Account earns 0.95% interest which is 5x the national average for other banks. There are several great features with the Discover Online Savings Account like mobile check deposits, direct deposit, online bill payment and no monthly fee. The Discover Bank Savings Account does not use ChexSystems. It requires an initial deposit of $500 but once the account is open you are not required to maintain the deposit. You have 30 days to fund the account if you choose to mail a money order, cashier’s check, personal, payroll or government check. Discover Bank has a cashback rewards checking account but you must have a Discover Savings Account in order to apply. Open today!

USAA Free Checking
USAA does not use ChexSystems, however they do use EWS. USAA primarily serves the military but non-military may be eligible too. Former military members (retired or veteran) which includes the Guard or Reserves are eligible. Non-military can join if a spouse has honorably served or if a parent currently has or had a USAA account. USAA hands down is a great full-service bank offering products from credit cards for rebuild credit to renter’s insurance. USAA free checking offers ATM reimbursement, mobile deposits and check deposits at your local UPS Store. The minimum to open an account is $25. See if you are eligible.

Capital One 360 Checking Account
Capital One 360 used to be the go to bank that did not use ChexSystems. Unfortunately that policy has changed. Capital One 360 will “soft pull” your Equifax credit report along with a ChexSystems report. Capital One 360 will not deny your application solely based on a negative ChexSystems report unless fraud is indicated. It’s still on the list because people have reported being offered a Capital One 360 Savings Accountas an alternative. Capital One 360 can serve as a good back-up bank because anyone in ChexSystems should always have more than one account. No minimum deposit is required to open a checking or savings. Apply today.

Washington Savings Bank
The Rewards Card Checking requires direct deposit of payroll or government benefit. There is a monthly maintenance fee of $9.95. They do run ChexSystems but have less stringent requirements. Fraud should not be indicated. Customers enjoy no overdraft fees, a checkbook, Mastercard® debit card and free nationwide ATM access through the Allpoint® 55,000 ATMs Network!

Navy Federal Credit Union
Navy Federal does not use ChexSystems or EWS to open a bank account but there are strict requirements to become a member. Membership is open if you are affiliated with the Armed Forces, DoD, Coast Guard or National Guard. This includes Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, and Coast Guard regular Active Duty and reservists, and Army and Air National Guard personnel. Active duty and Retired military are eligible but unfortunately Veterans are not. DoD civilian employees and contractors assigned to U.S. Government Installations may be eligible.

Fort Sill National Bank
Fort Sill National Bank (FSNB) is open to anyone — you do not have to be in the military. FSNB does not use ChexSystems. If you are interested in direct deposit, this may be a good account for you because FSNB may not be located in your state. In order to open an account from any location call their new accounts department at (800) 749-4583 and an application will be mailed to you.

1st Convenience Bank
This bank is only located in New Mexico, Texas, and Arizona. They do not run Chexsystems, Telecheck, or EWS. Several checking account options are available but there is a $12 monthly maintenance fee if certain conditions are not met such as maintaining a minimum daily balance. All checking account options only require $1.00 to open.

Renasant Bank
This bank is only located in Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, and Georgia. You can have a Chexsystems, Telecheck or EWS record but there must not be any money owed to Renasant Bank. Checking accounts offer free online bill pay along with mobile banking. You can apply online.

Suntrust Bank
Suntrust Bank offers several types of checking accounts, all of which include online banking, mobile banking, overdraft services, direct deposit, online bill pay and a SunTrust MasterCard® Check Card. While Suntrust maintains they do not use ChexSystems, some consumers have reported otherwise. It may be best to apply over the telephone or through their online chat service; and, complete the process in full through the mail.

This bank is not available in all states. TCFBank has 436 branches in Minnesota, Illinois, Michigan, Colorado, Wisconsin, Indiana, Arizona and South Dakota. This bank offers several checking accounts to choose from and a business checking account. They will open an account for consumers in Chexsystems but you must not owe any money to TCFBank. Consumers with an EWS record may be denied.

United Bank
This bank is not available in all states. Branch locations are located in Maryland, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia, and Washington D.C. They do not run Chexsystems. Several checking account options are available but there is a $50 minimum deposit required for all checking account options.

Bank Sweeps

Banks will sometimes conduct ChexSystems Sweeps on existing customers and close accounts without warning even if your account is in good standing. It can take up to 30 days to get your money out of a frozen account. Never have all your money in one bank. TD Ameritrade Cash Management Account has an Online Cash Services account that can serve as a back-up account if you have unpaid items in ChexSystems. With current negatives in ChexSystems, keep a non-ChexSystems account as a backup. If you have direct deposit you may want to split it. That way if your primary account is frozen or closed you still have access to a portion of your paycheck.

Second Chance Checking

BBVA Compass
Offers a second chance checking account where you get a visa debit card, unlimited check writing and no minimum balance required. The monthly service charge is $13.95 and the minimum opening deposit is $25. You must NOT have an EWS record.

Peoples Cash Solutions offers a Second Chance Checking Account for consumers who have been reported to ChexSystems or TeleCheck. There must be no fraud activity reported in ChexSystems. Bad credit and even bankruptcy are okay.

US Bank
Try the in-store branches and take proper identification along with a utility bill showing your address. Consumers using in-store branches have experienced success in opening checking accounts while in Chexsystems.

Woodforest Bank
This bank is not available in all states; however, they do have an account called “Second Chance Checking. It comes with unlimited check writing and a debit mastercard. You must go inside a branch in order to open this second chance checking account.

Wells Fargo – Opportunity Checking
This is a traditional checking account with a visa debit card and checks; however, it comes with some restrictions. This account will definitely help you stay within your budget. Deposits cannot be made through the ATM and you may not be able to get cash back immediately upon depositing a check. Once you remain in good standing for some time, Wells Fargo may offer you an upgrade to a regular checking account, with less restrictions.

Fund an Account or Verify Small Deposits

If you are opening an account online but do not have a way to fund it instantly with another account or credit card, most online accounts can be funded with a prepaid debit card with the Visa® or MasterCard® logo. Or, use PayPal® to add money to your bank account. It’s fairly simple and with PayPal® your account can be funded in 2-3 days.

Safe Check Ordering

Consumers who have been reported to ChexSystems, whether the item is paid or unpaid, should be careful when ordering checks. Ordering checks from well known companies such as Deluxe, Designer Checks, Checks Unlimited and Current Checks may not be safe. These companies share your personal information with ChexSystems. ChexSystems will then report your ChexSystems record to your current bank.

Order checks from companies that do not share your personal information with ChexSystems such as Costco Check Printing, Checkworks or Harland Clarke. Ordering checks from companies that share your information with Chexsystems may end up getting your current bank account closed, even if your checking account is in good standing.

Chexsystems is a consumer reporting agency which means inaccurate information can be disputed if you are unable to find a No-ChexSystems bank.

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