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Whether you’ve been struggling to get your credit repair business off the ground, or you’re currently banking $100k per month but you want to grow to the next level.

Whether you’ve been struggling to get your credit repair business off the ground, or you’re currently banking $100k per month but you want to go grow to the next level.

Just as sure as water is wet, the Huddle Pro Program is the EXACT vehicle you need to help take you there. But before I tell you exactly what the Huddle Pro Program is. Let me ask you a question…

Do you ever feel lost like a child in the woods because your business isn’t booming and you have no clue of what to do next?

Or have you ever felt like a seasoned coach, or an accountability partner is what you need to get properly focused so you could turn everything around?

Or better yet, do you have tons of specific questions about your business that Google searches aren’t returning suitable answers for?

If you silently mouthed “Yes” to any of the above questions then the next sentence is just for you…

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Now, if you’re one of those people who like to hear all the details about something before you get started – Then let me break it down for you…

As I mentioned earlier, the Huddle Pro Program is designed specifically to help you grow and increase your credit business.

And to do so we’ve taken some of our most popular standalone products and conveniently bundled them all up for your business exploding pleasure…

Here they are: 

Bi-Weekly Group Coaching & Accountability Calls

These calls are private (not open to the public) zoom meetings that are held live every two weeks.
Why only every two weeks? It’s because that’s how long it takes us to gather the amount of information and resources we’re sharing with you on each call.

In fact, these calls are where you will get unrestricted access to the latest and greatest industry updates, training, and new business growth strategies.

So, as you can already tell, these calls alone are worth far more than the price of admission.

FlyyCredit Private Q&A Forum

One main key to building a big, bustling, sustainable business is connections and community. And here at FlyyCredit, we’re all about connections and community. This is exactly why we’ve put together a private forum where you get to come in and ask questions about how to better build your business. Again, this is a PRIVATE forum. Not a random Facebook group. Why not? Because Facebook controls who and what actually gets shown in those groups.

However, having full access to our private forum is advantageous to you because it won’t get buried in your Facebook notifications.
And the best part? Posting your important questions in our forum gives you the best answers in real-time. That’s because this forum is up and running 24 hours a day. So it’s quite possible that someone is always online to answer your questions – even in the wee hours of the morning.

And our private Q&A forum is just that – PRIVATE. It’s not like you could just Google it and find it in the search results. This is a serious forum where serious people get serious answers to serious questions.

Pro-Vault Recordings –

This collection is a compendium of our entire media library. Its jam packed with exclusive (unreleased) webinars by paid experts and industry professionals. And they all have one main goal in common, they all want to help you grow like wild vines.

In this library you’ll get expert lessons on tax strategies, scaling your business to 6-figures per month, hiring a world-class team of A-players, buying cars in your business’ name, securing business grants, and more!

Quarterly Member Rewards

This is where things start to go a little crazy. Because we cherish and honor our valued members so much, we’re also doing events to commemorate our appreciation.

These events may include (but are not limited to) Parties, Games, Giveaways, Prizes, and more!
We do this because we truly believe that you need to sprinkle a little fun in as you work and toil. And these rewards are also one of our ways of giving back.

(BONUS) FREE 30-Minute Coaching Call With Jeri!

And THIS is where things get totally bonkers! How many CEOs at Jeri’s level of success would still take time out of their busy day-to-day schedule to have a 30-minute business building call with you?.. AND do it for FREE? Let me answer that for you: Not Many At All!
In this call Jeri will: Review your business plan, Investigate the best funding options for you, Strategize customized growth opportunities for you, and more!
… And as you may already know, this call alone is worth so much more than just $47!

So the total real-world value of the Huddle Pro program is Priceless…

And today’s investment to get all of it?

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Imagine what it would feel like to have your business growing exactly the way you’ve envision it…

Imagine what it would be like to have predictable, sustainable income rolling into your business bank account each and every week…

Now imagine what it feels like to own your time because your business has the ability to run like a well-oiled machine… And all you have to do is put gas in it occasionally…

This can be your actual reality and the Huddle Pro Program can help!

Here Are Just A Few Of The Core Benefits Of The Huddle Pro Program:

As you can clearly see, the Huddle Pro program is to a credit business what sugar is to lemonade… And just so you know, most people haven’t made it this far on the page…


Because a lot of them have already clicked the button and gotten started.

So don’t let them all beat you to the finish line… Give your credit business exactly what it needs by joining the Huddle Pro program today!

But don’t just listen to me…

Here Are Just A Few Of The Core Benefits Of The Huddle Pro Program:

See What Our Students Say

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