Real Quick I Have a BIG Announcement...

Did You Hear? Our Prices
Are Going Up!

Watch this short video now, and see how you can still save:

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See the clock above?

That's how much time you have to join before our prices go up!

Now, wait!

I know that's not exactly the news you want to hear right now, but I promise there's a good reason for this.


Higher prices mean higher quality.

Enhancing our client's and students' experience is our #1 priority here at Flyy Credit, and you can bet your bottom dollar we're implementing the best!

From mobile app development for our University students

And programs that will undoubtedly advance our customer experience and expedite your results.

It's going to bigger and better than ever before. 

Now, let me clear, not ALL of our prices are going up.

Our Flyy Credit University prices will remain the same, but our credit repair services will be increasing in Price. Right now, the cost is $150 to start and $89/mo. after that. 

Effective January 1st, 2021, that Price will increase to $99/mo.

But, right now… I'm going to allow you to get in now AND do it at a discount. 

Instead of the initial $150 startup cost…

I'm going to knock it down to $50! That's $100 off.

PLUS, you'll lock in the monthly pricing of $89 before the prices go up to $99 on January 1st!

You'll still get the same fantastic service, which includes:

Credit disputes to all 3 credit bureaus and creditors

Monthly updates via your private, secure client portal where you can engage and communicate with our dispute team.

Monthly updates by phone- that's right, we call you every month with updates.

Private credit Q&A invites where you can ask me questions personally, and I'll answer them LIVE!

Not to mention, you'll be protected by our amazing 6-month money-back guarantee.

Just Sign up by clicking the link below.

This is your chance to start your 2021 with purpose and intention.

One that's proven to pay you back in lower interest rates, 

Instant approvals,

Saved money,

And more financial confidence.

Lock in your rate now.

And I look forward to seeing your success.

Oh, and if you have questions, feel free to schedule a call at or call us at 888-708-9171. We'd love to hear from you.

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Secure Instant Payment - 100% Protected & Safe