Skyrocket Your Credit Scores, Build Business Credit, Automate Your Finances, & Increase your Income with Flyy Credit University Courses

How To Repair Your Credit

Unlock the fundamental information you must know so you start mastering your credit from day 1. In this course you’ll learn:

  • How to analyze and identify accounts that are killing your credit scores. (It’s usually not what most people think)
  • Learn the little-known consumer rights that will help you annihilate bad credit once and for all.
  • The secret recipe to crafting the perfect dispute letter that yield consistent results and deletions– this one will blow your mind.
  • How to protect your credit from identity theft, and manage your credit for the future.

850 Blueprint

Learn what it takes to establish and maintain an excellent an 850 credit score with simple, proven strategies. Put it to work, and you’ll see your scores increasing in the next 30 days! Here’s what’s inside:

  • 12 Powerful Ways To Build 850 Credit Scores…this will blow your mind.
  • 6 little-known secrets your credit card company is keeping from you, and how you can take advantage of them to get instant approvals.
  • Access a database of secured, cash-back, and rewards credit cards to start building a bonified money-team that funds your lifestyle.

Money Mastery


  • A proven plan that helped me payoff $31,804.21 of debt in 8 months- without having to make more money.
  • The 3-STEP “Money Hack”  To Save Hundreds Or Even Thousands Per Month (and still buy what you love).
  • Price Negotiations: The Secret To Lower Your Fees and Save Massive $$ (Scripts Included).
  •  How To Automate Your Finances And Live The “Rich Life”….Create money machine that helps you save without worry, invest in your retirement, and protect your legacy on autopilot…($117 Value)

The Travel Hacker

Discover How To Get Free Flights, First-Class upgrades, Luxurious Accommodations, and See The World’s Greatest Treasures For FREE… in less than 30 days.

  • Big Travel, Small Budget: How to Travel More, Spend Less, and See the WorldThe beginners guide to traveling the world without breaking your pockets.
  • The #1 Secret That Rapidly Builds Credit Card Rewards, and Fuels Your Traveling an Cash-Saving Dreams… learn the #1 credit commandment that earns 10x’s the rewards for a lifetime of free fun.
  • How to Spot And Secure The Top Reward Cards That Spit Out Bonus Points Like An ATM… I’ve personally used this method to pinpoint the perfect card for my traveling goals..

The Business Credit Accelerator

Profit From My Mistakes & Follow my Exact Blueprint For Building Great Business
Credit The Fast, Easy Way!

  • Learn how to establish it, how to grow it and how to use it to multiply your profits.
  • Get a 80+ PAYDEX credit score for your business in under 90 days when you follow these four simple steps. Never apply for business loans or credit cards without this score!
  • A PROVEN secret to getting business loans and credit cards without personal guarantees!  Learn the three requirements your business must meet.
  • 3 Rules that guarantee success building business credit – ignore them at your own RISK!