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If you’re like 73% Americans you’ve probably hesitated about applying for a loan, been turn down by a creditor, or stressed about bad credit or finances because you don’t fully understand how credit works or even how to build it.

That’s because in America building a strong credit score isn’t hard, but it can be confusing if you don’t know how “the game” works. 

And if you’re trying to invest in a house, you want to know you’re walking into it with all the answers.

That’s why we created Flyy Credit University—a one-of-a-kind platform that helps educate you about everything credit so you can build a stronger, brighter, more confident future starting today.

A Social, Engaging, and User-Friendly Credit Platform Designed to Help You Thrive Financially

 Our platform gives you the tool and the knowledge to help you build excellent personal and business credit, get out of debt, save without worry, and upgrade your lifestyle, all while investing in what matters most—YOU.

Gain Insights to Credit, Money, and Investing Opportunities via Leading Financial Educators

Learn How to Allocate Money, Build Savings, and Invest with Confidence

Discover Top-Rates Credit Education in Our Easy-to-Follow Courses and Trainings

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Earn Rewards, Points, and Swag on Your Journey to a Stronger, More Sustainable Financial Future

Receive Badges and Certificates Dedicated to Your Commitment and Achievements Towards Money Mastery

Proven Courses that Help You Play
And Win The Credit Game

We’ve spent years studying credit and building sound financial courses that help you repair credit, save money, eliminate debt, and transform your wealth-generating capabilities. All so you can life the lifestyle you deserve.

Advanced Credit Repair Tactics

In this course, we give you a a student-friendly look at the fundamentals of credit, how to repair damaged credit, and how to rebuild it quickly.

Course Highlights

The 850 Blueprint: A Guide to Perfect Credit

Learn how to establish and maintain the king of all credit scores—850. Our simple, proven strategies can help consistently elevate your scores in as little as 30 days.

Course Highlights

Money Mastery: Win the Money Game

Learn smart, effective money-saving strategies designed to help you pay off debt, and gain long-term financial freedom. The included principles will transform your bank account and lifestyle to help you get the lifestyle you deserve.

Course Highlights

Homeowner Helper

Course Highlights

The Homeownership Helper course will teach you how to buy a home and get approved. You’ll learn an easy-to-follow approach that is guaranteed to work.

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You'll Get Direct Feedback From Me Every Step of The Way...

You’ll have access to live QA calls to get feedback and answers on demand.

Want direct feedback from me on your credit? In our live Huddle QA calls, we will come together and I’ll answer your questions.

I’ll answer all your questions. Just join the LIVE sessions, ask your big question, and I’ll share direct feedback with you.

We’ll cover questions like:


Listen in to a Huddle call to hear how this works:

Private, Interactive Social

What If I’ve Tried Improving My Credit Before?

What If I Have Been Denied In The Past?

What If I’ve Never Used Credit Successfully?

Many of our members are in the same boat and have quickly gone on to reach their credit goals successfully. Here’s a sneak peek at some of the tools included to help you move forward fast:

Want to buy a home?

Homeowners Checklist

Get a step-by-step checklist that guides you towards claiming the keys to your dream home.

Want to lower your bills and get rid of debt?

Price Negotiation Scripts

This is the secret weapon to lowering your monthly fees and saving your hard-earned cash $$.

Want to repair your credit?

Credit Repair Dispute Templates

Gain immediate access to credit repair dispute templates and tackle negative accounts on your credit the right way.

PLUS, you’re protected by our

6-Month, “Do The Work’ Buy-Back Guarantee

It’s simple: Join the program and try it for yourself. If the powerful strategies don’t help improve your credit and finances, I want you to email me, show me you did the work, and I’ll give you your money back.

This guarantee lasts 6 months! Which completely covers the University. That means you can try the ENTIRE University and then decide if it’s right for you.

Steps Away from True Freedom

It’s for people who are serious and who value their time… and… Who’d rather save time and money building excellent credit than waste precious hours and thousands of dollars “trying to” get approved for loans and credit cards without a tested plan.  

If you want to laugh at credit woes while everyone else worries and complains about “the economy,” then this is the exact thing you need.

Go ahead and get it now on a 100% risk-free basis

It’s easy to get my complete “credit hacking” system on a 100% risk-free basis right now.  Just choose a plan to get started.

You’ll get instant online access to your membership and courses seconds from now.

Once you’re do, I urge you to apply its powerful strategies, right away. Today if possible! 

Now is the time to take charge of your future and discover how to build “always approved, never denied” credit, and get rid of debt.


Enroll into this powerful community now and get immediate online access to the courses and resources… 

Don’t wait. Start today.

Real Plans Built Around Real Success

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$ 67 Monthly Payment
  • How To Repair Your Credit course
  • 850 Blueprint Course
  • Money Mastery Course
  • Homeowner Helper
  • The Huddle Monthly Coaching
  • Exclusive Members Only Trainings​​


$ 497 YEarly payment
  • How To Repair Your Credit Course
  • 850 Blueprint Course
  • Money Mastery Course
  • Homeowner Helper​
  • The Huddle Group Coaching
  • Exclusive Members Only Trainings​

Frequently Asked Questions

Members have monthly or yearly access to the membership platform and content (all modules, videos, and tools).

 If you cannot join LIVE, you can also catch the replay.

Your membership login will be emailed to you within 5 minutes of enrollment. Once you receive your login, access our private platform via desktop, ipad, or our iOS app or Android application to your mobile device for easy access.

We accept most standard credit and debit payments including Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and Amex. Reach out with any questions and we’ll be happy to help.

Yes, you’ll have support within our University community. We are happy to help you any day of the week. We make it easy to simply shoot us a question or a comment and our team will get back to you as soon as possible. We look forward to helping you.

Looking for Much Needed One-on-One Support?

We know a little extra help can play a major role in your success; especially when it comes to achieving sustainable financial goals. Call and speak with one of our consultants and we’ll be happy to help you cross the finish line.

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