The Fastest Way To Build Perfect, 850 Credit Scores, Get Approved, & Upgrade Your Lifestyle
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Learn the secrets and little-known shortcuts to reaching the perfect credit score with my proven methods.

Have you ever thought to yourself...

"How can I repair my own damaged credit and win the credit game?"

"What's the right strategies I can use to finally reach my goals of 700+ credit scores?"

"How can I get collection agencies to stop the endless calls?"

"How can I increase my credit scores faster and get lower interest rates?"

"How can I use my credit to make money?"

Well, now you can get those questions answered once and for all in our 12-week Credit Challenge.

Whether you realize it or not... Your Credit Score MATTERS!

In fact, it can make or break your financial future, and land you in some tough positions getting approved for the best interest rates, $0 down payments, a place to live, certain jobs... the list goes on.

It's your financial report card, and it follow you everywhere you go.

But, is that really such a bad thing? 

I don't think so! Which is why I've crafted the perfect, 12-week credit challenge to shift the way you look at credit, and position you to finally have 720+ credit scores and land the best deals in 90 days!!

Before I share with you MY GOAL for this  12 Week Credit Challenge for YOU... let me ask you a few questions...

Have you been wanting desperately to build 720+ credit scores, but unsure where to start?


Have you tried one of those "credit repair" things before, only for it to be a big fail?


Are you tired of the up and down rollercoaster your credit scores are on, and you're ready to know how to make it stop?


Do you want to have the confidence to walk in the bank, clapping your hands, "it's my money and need it now!"


Do you want to have a professional guide you, hand-in-hand to 720+ credit score building success?

If You Answered YES Of The Boxes Above, Then I Want To InviteYou To Join

The 12 Week Credit Challenge And Change Your Credit Forever!

Here's how the challenge is structured... 


Here we start the warm up by giving you the fundamental education you need to get off to a great start to finally win the credit game. Learn all about your consumer protection, and how to leverage it to rapidly raise your credit scores in the next 30 days.


Life happens. But, that doesn't mean your credit has to go in the toilet. Learn proven methods to fix your damaged credit once and for all. Doesn't matter if you have collections, charge-offs, bankruptcy, repos, or anything else. You'll learn how to turn it all around.


Get the secrets to finally building the credit scores you've dreamed of. Get an exact blueprint to follow that'll take your scores from 0 to 720+ REAL quick!


Now that you've built your scores, now it's time to cross the finish line and cash in big with travel points, rewards, and free money! Learn how to get in on the perks of having awesome credit.

It's LOADED with life-changing credit principles that will raise your scores and get you approved!!

You're gonna learn:

Discover credit card secrets that'll get you instantly approved.


2 little known consumer protection that creditors don't want you to know about- and how to use it to build strong credit scores.


Learn the top 3 mistakes people make repairing their credit that guarantee they'll never clean their reports (or get approved)- and how you can avoid it.


Unlock a foolproof strategy to rapidly rebuild your credit- PLUS get the proven blueprint to reaching 850 credit.


The secret recipe to crafting the perfect dispute letter that yield consistent results and deletions- this one will blow your mind.


Turn your card into a plastic goldmine with 6 powerful ways to cash in on your credit and put more money in your bank accounts

>>> AND SO MUCH MORE!! <<<

PLUS Some Sweet Bonuses...!!

Join the challenge today and gain LIFETIME, Premium access to the Flyy Credit University- the fastest growing social media platform for better credit, more money, and financial freedom.

Get all your questions answered by tuning in to LIVE member-only Q&A's, and access your private Challenge Group.

There you'll witness a community of other's moving and shaking their way to better credit scores while we all cheer each other on eagerly to the finish line.
As if that's not sweet enough, you're also going to get 2 more bonuses!

Gain access to our Challenge MP3 Vault so you can take your trainings on the go and listen from anywhere. PLUS a digital copy of our Flawless Credit Guide- our most popular credit improvement resource that's helped THOUSANDS repair and rebuild their credit scores.
AND a certificate of completion + Challenge T-shirt to reward you for your hard work...
Total Value = $1697

You save over 80% Off the full price when you register today!

Get UNLIMITED Access to the Challenge Video Sessions + Special Bonuses and Rewards…

Exclusive access to all 16 training sessions, downloadable audio, and more..

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About The Challenge Instructor
My name is Jeri Toliver & while I may be cute and sweet... I'm all about business.

Here's what you should know...

I created this challenge with your goals in mind. That's right- you!

Listen, I took my credit score from 545 to 850 and no I’m not a unicorn. I’m simply someone who really has this credit thing on lock. I know which steps can increase your score rapidly (and which ones will have it tanking). Like mama used to say... "The proof is in the pudding!"

    Sooo, if you want to:

    • Get approved for the best credit card and loan offers without the devastation of receiving denial letters.
    • Get the best interest rates on everything, every time – I’m talking car loans, mortgage loans, personal loans, credit cards and more.
    • Stroll on into credit score nirvana without falling into score sinkholes along the way.
    • Uncover the insider secrets and loopholes to getting approved for your first major credit cards – no fees, no red tape and no crazy-high interest rates.
    THIS is the first step
    to find out everything you need to know
    to achieve the financial freedom
    that comes along with an excellent credit score.
    We partnered with a local travel agency and we are giving away a GET-AWAY FOR TWO twice a year for the first prize challenge winner. (Even if you don't win, you'll get other bonuses + you'll feel awesome when you have better credit)

    Let’s talk about the value of this challenge, the investment, and what better credit is really worth to you...

    How much is a 720+ credit score worth to you and your family?

    What is it worth to master your credit so you can finally have a place you can call home?

    What is it worth to have the confidence to apply for anything you want, and get approved on the spot?

    What is it worth to travel the world using someone else's money, and enjoy more time doing that you love- instead of stressing about your credit?

    YOU can choose to take action, so you can learn every bit of information, secure every single resource, and claim your spot in the 720+ club today...

    Or, you can keep running around in circles, pulling your hair out with confusion, trying to find the strategies that work- only to discover fluffy ineffective junk.

    And I’m going to be straight up with you… this is NOT some cheap wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am program where I stuff a bunch of crap information, and you walk away feeling more confused than ever.

    It’s a well-designed, carefully curated content that hands-down will give you proven methods you need to achieve perfect credit.

    Get UNLIMITED Access to the Challenge Video Sessions + Special Bonuses and Rewards…

    Exclusive access to all 12 weeks of training sessions, downloadable audio, and more..

    …For Only $299 [LIMITED TIME]
    Is there a Guarantee?


    I guarantee that if you participate in the challenge, show up to the weekly trainings, and implement what you learn. By the time the challenge is done, you will have a better credit scores and a solid understanding of how to unlock the power of your signature.

    If for some reason you don't feel like that is true, then you can let us know within 60 days, and receive a full refund.

    Pretty simple.

    But if you're like most people, this experience will change your credit (and for some of you, it'll change your life!)

    Start Your Journey to Flawless Credit and Upgrade Your Lifestlye
    …For Only $299

    A Quick Recap

    • Lifetime access to 12 weeks and 16 training video sessions.
    • 10+ hours of downloadable audio files (MP3 format) for listening on the go to make learning easy.
    • Exclusive invite to member Q&A with credit expert Jeri Toliver. Ask anything your heart desires.
    • Copy of Flawless Credit Guide- Get actionable credit score building steps, along with dispute letters, and more
    • Contest Eligibility: Win a Chance to Win $699 worth in prizes and rewards.