Our credit scores accompany many of our major purchasing decisions, from the first car to first home. For many of us, our financial lives are dictated by it. This 3 digit number runs our financial world, and can set you back fast if not taken care of properly.

Now, lets say you’ve been affected by derogatory information reporting on your credit reports. You’ve taken your friend’s advice, and decided to start battling the stuff that’s ruining your credit. You’ve sent all the letters you could download on the internet, purchased every guide you can get your hands on, and nothing seems to be moving your credit into the right direction as you hoped. It can be frustrating, we know.

But, what if I told you that you weren’t the problem? That there is something put in place to help make your task unreasonably difficult?

It’s called E-Oscar, and is ruining your credit repair efforts.

The e-Oscar investigating method may be the reason your credit dispute came back verified as being accurate when you are certain a mistake has occurred. Credit bureaus have automated technology that deal with consumer credit disputes; not a human.

The e-OSCAR (the Online Solution for Complete and Accurate Reporting) began in 1993 and is owned by 4 companies – Equifax, Experian, Innovis, and TransUnion. The e-OSCAR system enables Experian, Transunion, Equifax, and other consumer reporting agencies to create and respond to consumer credit history disputes automatically, without conducting a real (and legal) investigation.

Usually, when a consumer disputes their information, the consumer selects a reason or two from a list of 29 predefined codes that characterize the nature of the dispute. The e-Oscar system is utilized even when consumers send in detailed disputes, with supporting documents. The dispute is broken down into a simple code and sent to the original creditor to verify the code, and then marked verified or inaccurate.

Consumer Dispute Verification Form

The CRAs use a form called Consumer Dispute Verification (CDV) to communicate disputes to data furnishers like the original creditors, debt collectors or any other entity that reports information to your credit reports. The automated version of the form is called Automated Consumer Dispute Verification (ACDV). The process by which the credit bureaus open an investigation with the original creditor or furnisher of the information is by transmitting the ACDV via the e-Oscar system.

What’s the problem?

From working with thousands of people, we know that every person’s situation can be unique. The e-Oscar system reduces a detailed dispute into a 2-3 digit code, is not sent with any supporting documentation. That does not help the consumer.

That supporting documentation is important to correct the errors, and this E-Oscar system is a direct violation of the Fair Credit Reporting Act. A real investigation must be conducted.

To make matters worse, out of the 29 possible codes the credit bureaus can use, they end up using the same 4 codes for “nearly 90% of all disputes.” The percentage breakdown of commonly used codes looks like this:

  • Not his/hers 30.5%
  • Disputes present/previous Account Status/History 21.2%
  • Claims Inaccurate Information. Did not provide specific dispute 16.8%
  • Disputes amounts. 8.8%
  • Claims account closed by consumer. 7.0%

Often times, consumers get the results of an investigation stating that the account was verified by the creditor without any details of the investigation. There is no information on who was contacted and what information was obtained to verify the account as accurate. Because of this, consumers usually get frustrated with the dispute process and give up.

But don’t give up! Fight back by using your rights under the FCRA!

The Bottom Line

Credit repair can be quite complex and may require several strategies, knowledge of credit laws and lots patience. If you don’t know where to start, feel free to drop us a message or check our Ultimate Credit Repair Course to get you on your credit repair journey the right way!


  1. Jd Brookshire

    Hello, I am in need of your assistance with a few collection accounts, barnkruptcy and some late payments for my student loans any help will be greatly appreciated.

  2. Veronica Smith

    I have 2 creditors who I have repeatedly disputed. How can I get these 2 items removed? One is a credit card and one is a car payment.

  3. Larry Orr

    Hi I currently have a credit company doing disputes for me I’m not happy with the results maybe I’m not patient it’s been 4months and no derogatory has been deleted they have disputes out now and I’m waiting to see results if I’m not impressed maybe I’ll have you look into my situation

  4. Vernon M Glass

    Good day Jeri,
    I received the FREE letter to begin my credit repair journey. I shall indeed keep you and your company informed of the progress. Once again most appreciative of the FREE letter.

  5. Vin De

    How to report consistent medical payments to the bureaus?

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