Discover How To Get Free Flights, First-Class upgrades, Luxurious Accommodations, and See The World's Greatest Treasures For FREE...

When's the last time you've taken a vacation?

Months? Years?

Did you know that the average person takes 1 (maybe 2) vacations a year.

As a matter of fact, I asked my facebook friends about their travel dream destinations. Here's what they said:

Here's what I discovered...

When I asked them why they haven't made the trip, the verdict comes down to three things. Not having the:

  1. Time
  2. Money
  3. Desire

How devastating...

Now don't get me wrong. There's nothing wrong with taking 1-2 trips a year.

But, what I find unfortunate is that we settle for only taking 1-2 trips- or we don't take any at all-  because our finances won't permit.

What's even worse, is some people give up completely, make excuses and argue for their vacation limitations. It sounds like:

  • Flying first class? What a waste … we're all going to the same place at the same time.

  • Staying at a luxury resort? Such a waste of money. I prefer to stay at some place more authentic, not holed up in some 5-star hotel.

  • Private lounge? Why do you need a private lounge? Are you too good to sit in the regular waiting area like the rest of us?

And yet…

If we're totally honest, a tiny part of us wants to know how to finally do it. 

How they're able to travel the world to some of the most incredible locations, exotic destinations, and get 5-star accommodations.

So we stay stuck in "what if" land- letting time pass us by- watching others enjoy the joys of the jet-setting lifestyle.

Not knowing that there's an entire system designed to eliminate travel costs, and see the world for free.

It's called Travel Hacking.


There are entire forums dedicated to the fine art of using credit card points to score thousands of dollars in free travel, or travel hacking.

People get really into it, which made me assume travel hacking was a time-consuming hobby that -- like couponing -- only paid off if you were extreme about it.

I was wrong. Travel hacking is easy.

PLUS, the benefits are pretty amazing.

Could you imagine, just for one minute experiencing:

Benefit #1: earning hundreds of thousands of dollars a year in credit card rewards - without racking up debt- to travel the world.

Benefit #2: having private lounge access and first-class seat upgrades.

Bonus #3;: vacation funds? Who needs to save endless money for vacations when all you have to pay for is food and entertainment when you travel? Not to mention you get rewarded when you do that too!

But, here's the best benefit of them all:

Benefit #4: When it really boils down to it, vacations simply make you happier.

It's scientifically proven.

In fact, studies show that you unlock 4 life secrets when you get up, get out, and see the world:

  • Creating memories for a lifetime

  • Travel teaches you about yourself

  • Boosts your happiness and satisfaction 

  • Increases your appreciation for your loved ones

Wouldn't you agree that taking that trip to Bali, Hawaii, Japan, Bora Bora for free would be pretty awesome?

Wouldn't you agree that you'd feel on top of the world (like that time you were able to "kinda" fit in your high-school skinny jeans again)?

You too can have it all.

You too can learn the fastest way to rack up millions of travel points, save thousands of dollars a year, eliminate "travel guilt", and adopt the "point-and-go" travel method.


One Sunday cold wintery morning- while we were freezing our Chicago butts off - my mother and I were talking about our dream vacations.

Specifically, what was the one place we'd go right now if given a ticket to go anywhere in the world...

My answer: Bora Bora.

My mother: Hawaii

The moment she said it, her eyes lit with pure excitement. She could nearly feel the tropical breeze through her hair.

At that very moment, I made a commitment to myself that I would take her on her dream trip.

I didn't know how I'd get the money. Or even when.

I just had an undying belief that I could do it if I really put my mind to it.


2 years later while paying my credit card bill, I realized I had a new notification.

It said, "you've got points, Jeri!"

Not quite sure what this meant, I hovered on over to click the link.

...I was instantly  astonished.

I had over 100,000 rewards points that I could use to take flights, book luxury hotels, top resorts, and cruise lines.

It was craaaazzzyyyyy.

And then it happened...

I clicked the search bar, and typed... Hawaii, HI.

...and low and behold. There it was.

MY keys to unlock my first vacation- paid for by someone else. 

I booked the flights and a 7-day cruise for me and mama bear. THIS is when the fun began.

THIS is the Hawaiian Island Kau'ai

We stood on volcanos, ziplined through the rainforest, took a helicopter ride through the Hawaiin rainbows -and best of all- created memories for a lifetime.

Not only was it a dream come true, but I gained a new perspective about something....

The power of plastic.


When I got back from our week of fun in the sun, I got to thinking...

I just took a trip to Hawaii for free!

If I could do it once, why couldn't I do it again?

Thats when I was hit with my "BIG idea".

To learn the art of hacking my travel expenses and fulfill my dream of seeing the world by leveraging the power of plastic- a.k.a. my credit cards.

It was a foreign idea to me.

I had worked hard to build my credit scores to 812, but didn't know the power that I'd possessed.

I didn't know that banks were literally handing us the keys to get more out of life and living the "jet-setting" dream.

What I've discovered has been remarkable.

Over the last 4 years, I've been able to take nearly 40 trips at no cost to myself or my family, and I can truly say that uncovering these little-known secrets has been life-changing for us.

I no longer have to save endlessly to stay in top resorts.

I don't have to set my finances on fire to enjoy life.

I no longer have to max out credit cards and feel guilty about enjoying time away from home.

This is when I fell in love with Travel Hacking, and committed to teaching others the top methods to live "the dream."

Discover how to see the world's greatest treasures, get free flights, seat upgrades, and luxurious accommodations, even if…

✅ If you’ve tried travel hacking in the past but got frustrated with the vague process…

✅ If you’ve never traveled outside of the country …and unsure where your first destination will be …

✅ If you’ve struggled to find the time to learn the travel hacking processes and little-known secrets to save thousands of dollars on flights and upgrades.

✅ Or if you want to adopt traveling as a new hobby and just don’t know where to start…

Then The Travel Hacker will finally give you the precise, actionable system to explore and earn millions of travel points — without subtracting funds from your already tight budget.

I’m not going to ask you where you’re trying to travel this year. I’m going to ask you another question:

Where did you travel last year?

What if you’d learned these travel hacks last year? 

Where would you be? What kind of life would you have?

The Travel Hacker gives you the master key for radically speeding up how to 10x's the points and rewards you earn- without spending unnecessary money or going into debt.

Los Cabos, Mexico

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Early in life, I never wanted to be one of those “boring” adults who is all work and no play. But at 25, that’s exactly what I had become.

I worked 12 hour shifts, 6 days a week, with no end in sight.

I had become a work-a-holic that barely traveled outside of my city, let alone the country...

I would scroll my social media timelines, seeing so many others seeing the world and creating lasting memorable moments.

I wondered:

Will I ever be able to go to cool places and do cool things?

People who keep doing cool stuff all the time — how do they do that? I wanted to find out, so I started studying relentlessly…

When I stumbled on the travel hacking industry, and really started to dig deep, I was amazed at what I was missing out on.

I realized: It's not rocket science.

And it's not time. Nor is it money that's keeping you from exploring the world to its fullest.

When you’re in a rut, day by day, your world gets a little smaller. It’s very easy for your rut today to become your rut tomorrow… to become your rut 40 years from now.

You can get out of your rut, without breaking your pockets in The Travel Hacker.

Uvita, Costa Rica

I want to see you get more out of life and create a life you can be excited about.

You can learn this ONE skill — how to travel hack fast — and that will impact everything you ever do in the future.

What otherwise would take you months or years to learn, you’ll know how to pick up in a fraction of the time and see the immediate impact it will have on your life.

Taking your first vacation will open your eyes so wide, you'll never look at the world the same again.

But it won't happen unless you're ready to make a change.

A year from now, you're going to be a year older. Where will you be?

Cartagena, Colombia
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