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If you’re like 73% Americans you’ve probably hesitated about applying for a loan, been turn down by a creditor, or stressed about bad credit or finances because you don’t fully understand how credit works or even how to build it.

That’s because in America building a strong credit score isn’t hard, but it can be confusing if you don’t know how “the game” works. And if you’re trying to reach financial freedom or invest in a house, car, or big expense you want to know you’re walking into it with all the answers.

That’s why we created Flyy Credit University—a one-of-a-kind platform that helps educate you about credit so you can build a stronger, brighter, more confident future starting today.

Stop letting credit dictate your happiness or success. Take control of your finances and your short- and long-term financial potential by learning about credit building now.

A Social, Engaging, and User-Friendly Credit Platform Designed to Help You Thrive Financially in 2022 and Beyond

 Our platform gives you the tool and the knowledge to help you improve your credit score, get out of debt, save without worry, and upgrade your lifestyle, all while investing in what matters most—YOU.

Join an Exclusive Community Focused on Building Wealth and Financial Freedom via Better Credit

Earn Rewards, Points, and Swag on Your Journey to a Stronger, More Sustainable Financial Future

Access Private Member Groups and Discover Premier Credit Education Opportunities that Guarantee Success

Gain Insights to Credit, Money, and Investing Opportunities via Leading Financial Educators

Learn How to Allocate Money, Build Savings, and Invest with Confidence to Create Generational Wealth

Receive Badges and Certificates Dedicated to Your Commitment and Achievements Towards Money Mastery


Living paycheck to paycheck makes it hard to achieve anything, especially when your credit hangs in the balance of every purchase, payoff, and bill. And if it feels like your credit is a constant shadow in your life that’s keeping you from that new house, car, or achieving general happiness, you need answers on how to right the ship fast. 

Proven Courses that Get Your Finances Back on Track

We’ve spent more than 20 years studying credit habits and building sound financial courses that help you repair credit, save money, eliminate debt, and transform your wealth-generating capabilities. All so you can life the lifestyle you deserve.

Advanced Credit Repair Tactics

A student-friendly look at the fundamentals of credit we give you valuable insights on how credit “works”, how to repair damaged credit, and how to rebuild it quickly.

The 850 Blueprint: A Guide to Perfect Credit

Learn how to establish and maintain the king of all credit scores—850. Our simple, proven strategies can help consistently elevate your scores in as little as 30 days.

Money Mastery: Win the Money Game

Smart, effective money-saving strategies designed to help you pay off debt, travel on a budget, and gain long-term financial freedom. The included principles will transform your bank account and lifestyle to help you get the lifestyle you deserve.

Credit & Cashflow: Multiply Your Money Using O.P.M.

The only investment better than your own money is O.P.M.—other peoples’ money. Learn five investment strategies top investors use to gain and sustain traditional wealth.

The Travel Hacker

When you finally have the financials to support it there’s nothing more exciting than first-class travel. We’ll show you how to leverage travel accommodations to fit your new lifestyle.

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Complimentary Sign-Up Bonuses

Access The Huddle: Live Bi-Weekly Group Coaching Calls

Get all your questions answered by professional credit coaches who can give you actionable direction on credit repair, saving money, and wealth-generating ideas.

Private Replay Vault

Gain instant access to the replays of past Q&As as well as private training to fast-track your financial success. All to give you support that fits your time and schedule.

Bonus Masterclasses

Tune into our monthly pro masterclasses featuring top professionals in their field. We bring in investing, career development, tax saving, and wealth-building experts.

Learn & Earn

Track enrolled courses and view your progress to see how far you’ve come and where your next educational track begins.
Get a much-needed confidence boost by completing our in-depth, well-designed courses to show yourself and others how far you’ve come.
Earn points for completing courses and trade them in for some exceptional swag that you’ll love to add to your personal and professional collection.

Social Engagement

Earn badges, coins, and achievements towards free courses and cool gear. These are complimentary rewards to help keep you motivated and engaged.
Post your thoughts, comments, pictures, and GIFs while engaging with like-minded community members all there to help support your efforts.
Connect with others on the same path to financial freedom and potentially expand your ability to launch, grow, and sustain other personal investments.

Steps Away from True Financial Freedom

Think about how it would feel to say that you’re not only debt free but that your credit score could land you any investment you desire. Now imagine how much wealth could change the path of your life and how you experience every moment going forward.

If you’re looking for the blueprint to saving money, building a strong credit score, or simply living a fulfilling lifestyle this is the only program you need.

You simply need to take action starting right now.

It’s not too late to say you’re done with bad credit. It’s not too late to turn it all around. And it’s not too late to get that home or car that you’ve always dreamed of owning.

All you need to do is commit to your own success.

Flyy Credit University can give you the education, tool, and direction you need to make an immediate impact from the moment you sign up. No more waiting years for “something to happen” and no more getting turned down at the bank when you’re ready to elevate your life.

Claim the life you deserve. Choose FCU and learn exactly what it takes to live an exciting, engaged lifestyle that always seemed out of reach.

You deserve it. Don’t wait. Start today.

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12-Month plan

Save $500
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  • Access to 5 Premium Courses
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  • Student of The Month Recognition
  • Quarterly Member Parties
  • Replay Vault Access

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