From Bankruptcy to American Express Gold!

Navigating life after bankruptcy can leave you feeling afraid and unsure of how to tackle the next chapter of your credit journey. In fact, most bankruptcies are filed by consumers due to financial hardship, so these feelings of uncertainty are common.

And no one knows this better than our fellow student, Dr. Virginia. With over $300,000 in student loan debt, combined with picking up the pieces after a divorce, she was ready to do the necessary work to get her finances on track.

After purchasing our eBook and reading it all in one sitting, she started to believe she could improve her credit profile on her own, then she decided to fully invest in herself, by joining the Flyy Credit University.

While bouncing back after bankruptcy can be challenging, Dr. Virginia is proof that hard work and sticking to a plan, can change your situation faster than you thought possible.

And here’s how she did it:

#1 – Obtained a Secured Credit Card

Using what she learned from Flyy Credit University, Dr. Virginia marched into the credit union she’s done business with for over 30 years and applied for a secured credit card. “I got the secured card, and it has been nothing but a blessing.”

#2 – Actively Participated in the Flyy Credit Community

Joining Flyy Credit University put Dr. Virginia in a community filled with love and support, which motivated her to keep going. By seeing the success of others in the group, she knew it could happen for her as well.

She began participating in the weekly meetings – sharing her progress, answering questions and offering help to others.

#3 – Launched a Business 

With the guidance she received from Flyy Credit University, Dr. Virginia also launched a consulting business. Then established business credit, which led to being approved for an American Express Gold Card.

When asked what’s the biggest lesson she learned from joining the Flyy Credit University, here’s what she said: “Don’t be afraid of credit, instead learn how to manage it. There are alternative options if they say no, so keep trying.”

Listen, if Dr. Virginia can do it, we know you can, too. And we’re here to help! 


Getting qualified for credit after bankruptcy can leave you feeling hopeless and doubtful, but there are steps you can take to turn things around sooner than you think. By educating yourself on the steps to improving your credit and taking action, you’ll find yourself opening credit lines that were once unattainable. Ready to meet Dr. Virginia and others on the road to financial freedom? Join the Flyy Credit University today by clicking here

Credit Professional, ready to help you take your financial future back.


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    Useful information.

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    Congratulations Dr.Virginia!!! Flyycredit will get you right! The information and strategy is key!! Great job!!

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    This is compelling testimony! I’m grateful to hear hopeful stories like this one!! Great job Dr. Virginia!



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