Rapidly Raise Your Scores With Authorized Tradelines

So, you’re been cleaning up your credit, and you’re trying your hardest to reach that beloved 700+ credit scores so you can buy a new home, secure the best interest rates, and simply have the bragging rights of having excellent credit. But, you’ve hit a roadblock…A point where it seems as if your scores refuse to increase any more.

One of the most frequently asked questions we get here at Flyy Credit is, “How can I rapidly boost my scores?” Well, today that’s exactly what we’re going to be covering. 

What do you do when you have tried EVERYTHING and your credit scores won’t budge?

Consider adding Authorized User Tradelines to your credit reports. 

You’ve probably heard of this method [or not], but let me break down what Authorized user tradelines are, and how utilizing them can rebuild your credit scores in the next 30 days, and help you FINALLY reach the credit scores of your dreams.

What is an Authorized User Tradeline?

Authorized user trade lines are defined as a powerful tool for accomplishing your financial success. It is a very popular and proven method to add established, positive lines of credit to your reports to help you build solid credit faster.

Authorized User Benefits

Authorized-user-trade-lines offer numerous different advantages. Through using an authorized user trade-line, you can now build excellent credit by leveraging- or  piggybacking- someone else’s excellent credit.

And when you do, you can get the best credit card qualifications, mortgages, and loans. You can also land the best interest rates, to the tune of 0%, and effectively lower your current loan payments, and qualify to establish more credit in the future.

The process of adding tradelines is simple, and typically has a FAST turn-around- 30 days or less.

Authorized User Risks

Authorized user tradelines are, without a doubt, extremely effective at skyrocketing your credit scores. But, beware… not every tradeline is created equal. Here are few things you should know before considering adding tradelines to your credit reports.

  1. Research the person or company adding tradelines to your credit.                                             Are they reliable? Are the tradelines in positive status? You’d be amazed at how many people add negative tradelines to their credit and murder their credit scores! Make sure you do your due diligence and confirm that the tradelines have not been paid late and/or maxed out.
  2. What’s the age of history?                                                                                                                      Tradelines are significantly more effective the older the account is. Before adding a tradeline to your credit, ask yourself… how long has this line of credit been open? Has it been a few months or a few years? The longer the age, the better it will be for your credit. Shoot to add tradelines that have a minimum of 1-2 years of credit history if you’re just starting out.  
  3. What’s the credit limit and balance?                                                                                                           If you’ve been following us for a while, you may already know that credit card utilization is one of thee most important contributing factors to building strong credit scores. Ensure that the tradeline is not carrying a balance more than 10% of the overall limit. For example- if the tradeline has a $5,000 limit, confirm the balance is not more than $500. Otherwise it will have a negative impact on your credit scores.

Should You Add Authorized User Tradelines?

Adding authorized user tradelines can undoubtedly boost your credit scores. However, before taking the plunge and purchasing them, you should know they are more effective when:

  1. There are no derogatory accounts reporting on your credit reports.
  2. You currently do not have any credit cards open, or are unable to open any credit cards due to your current credit history.
  3. Your goals require a rapid increase in your scores to secure lower interest rates on your next home, car, insurance policy, credit card, business or personal loan.
  4. You want to get on the fast-track to finally establishing and building credit well beyond 700.
  5. You need someone you can trust to help you get your foot back in the door to building flawless credit.

The Bottom Line

By adding authorized user tradelines to your credit, you can certainly position yourself to build strong credit scores rapidly, so you can FINALLY reach your goals in the next 30 days. It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to buy your dream home or just want to have the confidence that comes with having exceptional credit. By purchasing authorized user tradelines, you can put yourself on the right path to skyrocketing your credit scores, securing the best interest rates, and finally having peace of mind.

Have questions?

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    Hey, Jeri. I have a couple questions: What is the cost of adding two good AU tradelines? How long does it typically take to show on my credit report? How long do they show on your report (6 months,a year, two…???)


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