How A Single Mom of Two Went From 545 Credit Score to Buying Her First Home in Less than a Year

Look, there is nothing fun about having bad credit. But according to badcredit.org, close to 20% of Americans have a subprime credit score ranging from 580 to 669. 

While this group may be able to qualify for better offers than the 11% who fall in the severely low credit category, they are still missing the benefits of having a higher score.

And I know this for a fact, because 6 years ago I, too, was in a situation where my finances and credit profile were a complete mess. I’m often asked how (and why) I got started in credit education, and my answer is simple … I was TIRED!

Tired of being rejected, living paycheck to paycheck. Tired of drowning in debt. And tired of not being able to provide my two children with the lives they deserved. So, I made it my mission to fix my financial circumstances for good. And here are the steps I took to do it.

Step #1: I Quit

Growing up as a Black girl in Chicago, I was never taught how to manage finances or the importance of having good credit. But after years of struggling with money, I realized I could no longer use my upbringing as an excuse for having poor credit. So, I quit placing blame and did something to change it.

Step #2: I Researched Ways to Get Out of Debt (And I Took Action)

Improving my credit became my focus. I studied, researched and was completely committed to getting out of debt.

My hard work paid off and in 8 short months, I raised my credit score from 545 to 765 and purchased my first home!

Step #3: I Used Credit to Pay Off Debt 

The feeling of purchasing my first home was indescribable, I knew I’d done something for my children to be proud of. So, I didn’t stop there.

I kept learning and discovered how to leverage credit to pay off debt, and in nearly 8 months, was able to eliminate $31,804.21 of credit card debt – without making more money!

I’ve personally secured nearly 1 MILLION dollars for my business, in two years, without using my personal credit.

Step #4: I Mastered the Art of Building Good Credit and Shared My Knowledge with Others 

Listen, there’s nothing more rewarding than working hard to overcome a major obstacle and then reaching back to teach other people how to do the same. 

My passion for seeing people win is why I transitioned into the credit education space. I knew the school system wasn’t designed to teach financial literacy, so I 

created Flyy Credit University, a private credit platform which now has over 10,000 students.

Through my popular, results-yielding online training programs, I help my students get the most out of their money and create lasting financial success.

Now, students of Flyy Credit University have collectively been approved for over $10.6 MILLION in loans and credit cards, while over 117 families have been able to buy their first homes.


Improving your credit score and changing your financial situation might sound like a lot of work, but the benefits far outweigh the initial effort you’ll put in to get started. By being intentional about your credit goals and following the necessary action steps, you’ll be able to access a world of financial freedom and live the life of your dreams. Ready to stop making excuses and change your credit situation for the better? Join the Flyy Credit University today by clicking here.


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    Is it beneficial to settle debts for a lower amount with debt collectors?

    • Jeri T. Reply

      It’s beneficial if you’re wanting to get rid of debt for sure.

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