let us Guide you 1-on-1
using our EXACT FORMULA THAT GETS AT LEAST $100,000 in business crediT...

 All in the next several weeks without using your personal credit and ssn- GUARANTEED! 

What if you could get business credit without using your SSN?

Did you know you CAN get business credit without using your personal credit.

In fact, for the last 2 years we've helped thousands of small business owners get business credit for their own businesses and secure over $50.6 million in credit and funding so far.

Here's what I realized in those 2 years... 

...more business owners need help!

There are hundreds of thousands of business owners that are stuck in the trenches, boots-on-the-ground, grinding day-in-and-day-out in their business.... 

They don't have time to think about trying to build business credit -- let alone take more time to learn how!

Imagine if, instead, you could tap into our years of experience and successes, get as much business credit as you need to grow your business, and... not have to use your personal credit or ssn...

... PLUS have a professional walk you through it 1-on-1.

That's right! No guesswork, no theory, fluff, or wasted time.

Well, that's exactly what you'll get in my Business Credit Builder Program. 

This way, you can do it all -- grow your business, get more funds, and develop a business that's racking in profits -- all by using other people's money.

I created this program for serious business owners like you!

Like most small business owners, I struggled getting business credit at first. In fact, I fell flat on my face.

But, after discovering business credit, my business has experienced exponential growth.

And now, we're committed to helping 1,000 more business owners save time and experience exponential growth too -- all by using other people's money.

What could you do with an extra $50-$100k injected into your business?

A lot, right?

You could...

  • Pay yourself a livable salary while you grow your business
  • Multiply your profits by leveraging other people's money to build your business
  • Free up your time and hire others to do work you hate doing - or don't have time for
  • Insure your business against avoidable failure by having a credit safety net for emergencies
  • Invest in rock-bottom real estate and other under-valued assets while they're dirt-cheap.

If this sounds like an entrepreneur's pipe dream, it's not... It's how Fortune 500 companies make billions. And it's the foundation of all great wealth-building in America.

And, now you can learn how to use these same powerful strategies to get as much as $50K-$100K in business credit in the next 6 months. 

If you can count to 10, then you can give your business excellent credit -- rewarding your company with bigger credit lines, better credit terms and lower interest rates.

PLUS - these methods are 100% legal and ethical and work specifically for today's battered economy.

We'll Walk You Hand-in-Hand To Business Credit Approvals...

A proven program designed to build your business credit in 6 months. Here's what we'll help you do:

Phase #1 -Establish Tradeline Foundation & Corporate Funding Readiness 

Ensure your company meets industry standard credit compliance standards.
Establish your company’s profile with Dun & Bradstreet.
D & B profile cleanup, remove derogatory comments from file.
Establish your company’s profile with Experian Business.
Open various Net 30 and revolving credit accounts to establish tradeline history
Provide you with known reporting vendors and exclusive Trade Exchange vendors.

Phase 2 - Corporate Credit Compliance Evaluation

Research your company from the lenders perspective.
Provide low cost solutions to missing compliance items
Verify corporate status with your secretary of state.

Phase 3 - Business Credit Bureau Setup

Set up files with DNB and Experian, and get Paydex score and Intelliscore populated.
Evaluate Key Scoring Factors that affect your company’s ability to obtain credit.
Dispute derogatory information in your company’s credit reports.
Ensure the consistency of your company’s data across multiple credit reporting bureaus.

Phase 4 - Net 30 Vendor Accounts

Open 5 - 10 Net 30 No PG vendor accounts
Obtain unlimited credit in vendor accounts.
Establish and evaluate reporting.

Phase 5 - Retail Business Credit Accounts 

Open 1-5 revolving retail credit accounts.
$1K to $10K in No PG revolving retail credit accounts.
Establish and evaluate reporting.

Phase 6 - PG & No PG Business Credit Cards 

Open 2-3 No PG & Non-reporting PG credit cards.
$10K to $50K in revolving credit card accounts.
Establish and evaluate reporting

Phase 7 - Master Bank Financing

Create a complete loan package for your business -- this document helps you acquire bank loans at the best rates and terms -- and with less restrictions.
Learn how to get banks to compete for each other for your business.
Establish the right banking relationships to get the funding your business needs to thrive.

Phase 8 - Maximizing Your Personal Credit

Give you insights on raising your personal credit scores to qualify for SBA loans.
Create a credit repair and rebuilding strategy for top business credit card approvals.
Get professional guidance and support towards building the perfect personal credit file that rakes in approvals like clockwork.

FINALLY! You Can Get Funding For Your Business(es)

You can finally get the business credit and financing you were looking for with guided assistance.

We do 95% of the work for you by supplying the accounts, applications, and feedback needed to get results fast.

Building a rock solid business credit profile has never been easier. 

Members get approved for...

  • Company Credit Cards
  • Vendor lines of Credit
  • Computer Leases
  • Vehicle Leases (No Social!)
  • Business Equipment and Supplies
  • Store Cards
  • Lower Interest
  • Company SBA & Bank Loans
  • Commercial & Private Property
  • Business Lines of Credit

... all without using their SSN number, risking their personal credit, or getting declined because of poor credit.

PLUS- you can do it for more than one business!

Hear From Students That Have Followed
Our Proven Program

Don't take it from me! Hear from other students that have achieved their dreams using business credit

Get Business Credit &  Gain Freedom

You're reading this because you have a dream.

You have a dream to create something that makes a difference in the world, to see your hard work pay off. You want to be able to take risks and finally get out of the invoice-to-invoice cycle.

But the truth is that if you have no business credit history, getting funding from traditional lenders is nearly impossible—unless you're willing to pay an exorbitant amount of interest on your loan (which we know you're not).

That's where The Business Credit Builder comes in: we guide our clients to build business credit so they can build their businesses with confidence! 

We help give them the freedom they need to pursue their dreams and take those first steps toward financial independence.

We've done this for our clients, and we're looking forward to working with YOU too!

Get Started With Our Private, 1-on-1 Business Credit Builder Program + Bonuses

Discover how to start, grow, and leverage business credit to 10X's your profits, and put your business growth on steroids!

Business Credit Builder + Coaching

(Save $3,000)


Charged once

Establish Tradeline Foundation & Corporate Funding Readiness
Research your company from the lenders perspective.
Establish your company’s profile with Dun & Bradstreet.
Establish your company’s profile with Experian Business.
Get Paydex score and Intelliscore populated.
Open 5 - 10 Net 30 No PG vendor accounts
$1K to $10K in No PG revolving retail credit accounts.
$10K to $50K in revolving credit card accounts.
We provide you with the steps and applications.
We do 95% of the work for you.
12 months of strategic business coaching with Jeri

Answers Before You Ask

How is Business Credit Builder different than your business credit course?

The course will teach you how to build business credit at your own pace. This program requires a 6 month commitment with our professional business credit builders that will walk you through each step, along with private coaching.

How long is the program?

The Business Credit Builder requires a commitment of 6-12 months to complete.

What kind of technical skills do I need to be able to do this?

None. Just the ability to fill out the business credit applications we will supply you with, and access to the internet to view any member bonuses.

I'm a business owner, but I am not registered with my state and operate as a sole proprietor? Does this program apply to me?

It is best to register your business with your state to separate your business and personal financial affairs. We will supply you with low-cost options to get this completed, but it is best to have an incorporated business to complete this program.

I have bad personal credit. Can I still have success with this program?

Yes. You do not need good personal credit to build business credit and get approved in our program.

How much does the average person get approved for in business credit using this program?

The average business owner gets approved for $50,000-$100,000 using our program. We've also seen amounts as high as $800k.

I am brand new in business (less than 2 years). Can I still get approved for business credit?

Yes, and we will show you how.

How long does the program take before I start seeing results?

It takes 60 to 180 days to establish a good file with business credit agencies and get the approvals without a personal guarantor. What normally takes years we can establish within a matter of months based on pro-actively following certain simple steps in the exact order and correctly

Do you apply for the business credit accounts for me?

No. We will supply you with the correct vendors and retailers for your business based on our credibility checks and research on your business. We will tell you exactly where to apply (and how) to ensure approvals.

However, we can do so on your behalf by giving us with the necessary legal permissions to do so. (fees will apply)

What's the investment?

The investment is a one-time payment of $10,000. Payment plans are also available.

What if I already have damaged business credit?

If you already have damaged business credit, we will give you steps to repair it. However, solutions are on a case-by-case basis. Contact us for more information.

Is there a guarantee?

YEs. We guarantee that following our guidance will help you get qualified for your first $50k-$100k in business credit. Because every person's situation is different, we will take you through the proper steps to ensure the long-term success in funding your business.

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