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Are you tired of the up and down rollercoaster your scores are on, and want to make it stop?

Are you ready to start getting approved for the best credit cards, loans, and rates- and finally stop getting left at the bottom of the lending barrel?

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Our 3-Step
ACE Methodology

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Get an in-depth analysis of your 3-bureau credit reports and scores by a board certified credit consultant. Get a plan of action to achieve your credit goals faster with less stress.


We contact your creditors and the 3 credit bureaus to verify the negative items they’re reporting. If they can’t, they are required by law to stop reporting them immediately.


Not only do we challenge the negatives, we'll coach you through rapidly rebuilding your credit scores and establishing new credit and enhancing your file.

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Collections, bankruptcy, charge-offs, and more.

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Skyrocket your Transunion, Experian, and Equifax scores

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There has never been a better time in the history of the world to fix your credit. 

You probably know right now your credit is not very good and you see derogatory items that are in fact yours.

Well let us tell you a little secret.

It’s completely possible to remove derogatory accounts that are really yours.

As a consumer, you have several laws in place that protect you from shady creditors and collection agencies.

And we use several [legal] disputing methods to fight back.

Customers reviews

I love, love, LOVE everything about Flyy Credit. The process was easy and transparent. The credit coaching and q&a's were extremely helpful. Because of your service I was able to buy my first house and I couldn't be more excited about my future!
Venessa Ferris
Words can’t express my gratitude for Flyy Credit Solutions. The experience has truly been life changing. Not only did they get me on the right path, I reached the 700 club! In addition, I also was able to start my new business and purchase ample equipment. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Marc Wiley
I can't believe what I've been able to accomplish since fixing my credit with you guys. Deleted my bankruptcy so I could get my keys to my home has been nothing short of amazing. I appreciate your hard work.
Sherri Jordan

Choose the perfect plan

Basic Credit Repair
$500 Enrollment Fee
  • No long-term contract​
  • Customer Support
  • Private Portal
  • 3-Bureau Disputes
  • Monthly Update Calls
  • Best for moderately damaged credit
Platinum Credit Repair
$500 Enrollment Fee
  • No long-term contract​
  • Customer Support
  • Private Portal
  • 3-Bureau Disputes
  • Creditor Disputes
  • Advanced Disputes
  • Monthly Update Calls
  • Credit monitoring w/ $1 Million Fraud Insurance
  • Best for very damaged credit


Most frequent questions and answers

 Well, it can vary from person to person, because of the inconsistencies of the credit bureaus it’s very difficult to give you a specific time frame, but we’ve seen people go from the low 500’s to the mid 700’s in 45 days and others it takes several months.  On average, the process takes 4-6 months. Could be longer, could be shorter. It’s heavily dependent on the condition of your credit.

99.9% of the items deleted from your credit reports will not appear again. In some very small cases, for instance, a collection being resold to a new collection agency, might reappear under the new collection agency, because it’s a new company reporting it. But, the majority of the items that do get deleted will not appear again. But also, you’ve got to try and maintain good payment history and continue to develop excellent credit habits so that you can not only get the highest credit score possible, but keep it, and I’m sure you want that, don’t you?

The terms are very simple. After a long track record of knowing how to produce the best results for our clients, we require each client to be actively involved in the program for a minimum of six months. If after that time they feel they have not had any positive movement, they can request a refund (provided that we are supplied with a “before & after” credit report) less the $500 account setup fee, $50 per dispute round, and $200 per account deleted per credit bureau.

The monthly fee is continuous until cancelled. It is paid for as long as you’re in the program.

It’s difficult to say. Your scores are calculated by several factors that include your payment history and open accounts. On average it takes 4-6 months. However, because it is possible that accounts will be removed from your credit, you may experience a decrease in your scores while we are disputing accounts on your credit. 

We highly encourage that you log into your members area online, and take a look around your resources tab. There you will find options available to our clients that will assist you with rebuilding your credit scores faster. You will also have access to our educational webinars and Q&A’s so you can absorb all the credit related information you need to get the most out of the program.

Nope. It’s not ethical to do so.

And anyone who does, is not being honest with you.

We do not guarantee deletions. Rather, we guarantee that we will dispute every negative mark on your credit using processes and strategies that have helped thousands of our clients reach success.

And for your protection, we offer a 6-month money back guarantee.